Acorn knop copper-alloy candlestick with an ornated square base, France, 17th century

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This is a bronze candlestick, with a shaft manufactured in the ‘tourrnage’ method. The shaft has a small heart-shaped knop between two small rings. The shaft is underneath a large cylindrical socket with rings at the top and the base and with a central circular hole.

The shaft was originally screwed to the square base; later on, it was soldered with tin.

The square base is 110 mm wide and is made of molded bronze ornated with a 23mm-wide foliage pattern around the edge.

This candlestick can be compared to the following one:
Acorn knop copper-alloy candlestick, octogonal ornated base, France, 17th century

Height: 155 mm

France, 17th century