Welcome at BougeoirsAnciens.com!

Originally the site was dedicated to “haute epoque” copper alloy candlesticks.
This area is still misknown and Henry René D’Allemagne work on the old luminaire still refer with just a few people daring to go dig the subject further (Bangs, Michaelis)
But it still lacks a scientific approach likely to provide with a reliable datation or geographical origin for these items.
Step by step the site intends to present factual evidence about this.
Gradually, and with the encouragement of visitors, the site has been enriched and diversified according with my passion for “haute époque” bronzes with mortars, bells, plaquettes…

Gothic candlestick, France, late 15th century

Bougeoirsanciens.com addresses three major themes:

1- Copper alloy candlesticks and pricket candlesticks

2- French bronze apothecary pans and mortars

3- bronze applique figures, paxes, plaquettes and medals


The objective is not trading.

The wish is to share some knowledge about these 3 topics and to encourage people to take care about these artefacts! sometimes considered as works of art and often overlooked as popular items.

In fact by drawing correspondences between all these diversified items appears what Malraux called “l’esprit des formes”. – I prefer avoiding any translation of this-

Then correspondences appear to architecture, furniture and graphic arts.

Eventually an ornamental repertoire, so far poorly described, gradually appears, offering the amateur a singular approach to this wonderful period of the Renaissance, which opened gate of the modern world.

All notes, commentary, argument is welcome to enrich the site, feel free to submit your remarks and contributions.

Should you need any expertise for commercial purpose … I recommend to ask a professional expert


I want to dedicate this site to those of you who have helped me (and still help me a lot) to enrich the knowledge on this topic.

A big thank to my father first, then to Pauline Lurçon, Ollivier Ramousse, Bertrand Bergbauer, Mike Riddick, Camille Bonnemer, Yves Hendrickx,

A huge thank to Fabrice Marcellini who built this site easy to supply with new monographies.
Congratulation to Maxime Tassin for the video you might see by clicking on “Welcome at Bougeoirsanciens.com!”

Encouragements to Anne-Clotilde Dumargne.

Eventually a small bestiary of my main intellectual stimulants to build this website, I will not name them but they will recognize themselves!